mama whose curiosity knows no bounds

This week was my daughter S’s first week of middle school. I’m sure I am more tired than S.

We planned things pretty well. For example, the school opens at 7:30. To be on time, I planned lunch for a week and packed it the night before. The whole family practiced waking up early the week before. During the orientation, I measured (well, with my hat’s chin strap) the width of the rocker and ordered a rolling backpack whose depth is at least an inch shorter so that the backpack fits the rocker.

Still, waking up is very hard.  The only positive was S’s grumpiness had about 70% power than usual. I wasn’t so sure about drop off space though friends gave me assuring words, so we went a bit early.  There were full of students waiting outside! Luckily, there was a space I could use to drop her off but at the same time my car and several others must have interfered with the school bus. This part, I’ll get used to this.

I knew that she can’t use cell phone during the school hour. So I didn’t worry I can’t find her with “find my friends” app on my iPhone.  She texted me, and I opened Find my Friends to track her. She was in an odd place. Why was she there? I texted her, “are you moving?” And she said yes. After about 30 minutes later, S, with her face with dripping sweat, arrived to my office. It should take no more than 10 minutes. Apparently she lost on her way. I didn’t do the entire course but I drove her the course in reverse (it involves one-way road). But that wasn’t enough. Well, she’ll learn.

Then we took out the supply list she received from EACH teacher. I felt things were stupid.  Two teachers required 1.5-2″ binder. Three required 100 page single subject notebook. One teacher required to carry textbook at all time from the beginning. Then band teacher required at home practice for 80 min a week.  One teacher was good enough to provide one textbook for the school and another to leave at home for homework. And American textbooks are stupidly heavy!  Japanese textbooks are usually less than 1/2″ thick and all paperback some are as thin as 1/8″! Here nothing seems thinner than 1″.

How could she fit all of these stuff in the backpack? Worse yet, for some reason, her rolling backpack did NOT fit her locker so she carried it around all day. To the gym to third floor to the first floor to cafeteria… That is stupid!

I wondered why can’t she use a notebook with a three holes and strip to transfer to the thick binder at home? Why did it have to be 100 pages? Can’t that be 50 page and replenish as we go? Maybe these things are okay, but S is stubborn to the core and follows the rules to the letter.

We immediately realized that we need to buy a new backpack. The plastic bottom of the rolling backpack is banging her back as she walk. And since she has to carry most of the time, wheel won’t make much sense. S resisted a lot. Her logic was because that backpack was bought for her, she must use until graduation. Or I will spoil her. It took another two days to convince that that backpack wouldn’t work. Phew.

The paperwork was overwhelming. Almost all teachers sent something to read and sign. Then there are regular paperwork like emergency contact, and medical release, etc.

That seemed to drain not only my mental energy, but physical one as well. As days go by, I got more tired. I managed to go to walk track to workout, but I couldn’t walk as fast as I usually do. Today, after my car had a routine maintenance, I went home to eat lunch. After that, I sat for a little and next moment I realized that I took a one and half hour nap! I think my physical limit is close.

I need to add rest to my routine to maintain my functioning because of lupus.. Yet I just couldn’t. So my body too the opportunity when I sat down, it seems. I have to find some rest somehow this weekend. Otherwise, I will collapse next week, when I have lots of important experiments to do.

Now she came back from school. Next: gymnastics. It’s really amazing that she won’t mind dong all of them!


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