mama whose curiosity knows no bounds

This Thanksgiving break, I’m making pants and top by Sandra Betzina based on her pant-fitting class.  I am AMAZED how the pant fit at the first muslin.  All I needed was to add a 1/4″ in the front princess seam to balance my prominent thigh.  Now I’m a firm believer of European style slopers, which she used to design her pants. Front crotch is much shorter and back crotch is much longer than usual American patterns and that really makes a difference.  I think I can finally move on to make my jeans, the reason for all these pattern making and fitting journey was for.

Now I’m waiting for online fabric sale to buy some ponte knit or wool crepe to actually make one!

Meanwhile, I’m working on her another pattern that featured a leggings and long knit top.  I’m now feel really comfortable using her pattern.  Her way of presentation in her class is kind of haphazard, but boy, it does do the job!

I can’t wait until tomorrow for the biggest sale of the year…I have a LOT in the wishlist….I’m eyeing on Grading class , industry sewing technique class , quilted bag class, and some cooking classes for my daughter…

Check it out from this link!




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