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another flare! or what?

I’m in the another bout of lupus flare up. Or may not be. And I’m afraid of the latter possibility because it means something else.

I had the tell-tale sign of flare-up – like fatigue to the core, unable to get up, and the annoying morning stiffness I hadn’t had since I switched from methotrexate to CellCept. I also had the mild cold symptoms, which is the most frequent trigger of any flare up. If I had just that, I thought it is just another flare up.

But this time, it is weird. I had a straining pain on the outside of lower legs, and fore arms. As though I strained by some labors. But I was down with fatigue and no way I can balance the pain to both arm and leg at the same time. What was clear is it’s from muscle. When I took flexeril I was prescribed for occasional back pain, the pain disappeared right away! And fortunately, it didn’t come back as bad when the medicine wore off. I certainly don’t want to take flexeril for long, which knocks me out! It was yesterday morning.

Then this morning. I woke up with horrible fatigue, like I was tied down to the mattress by a bunch of cobweb. But I got off of the bed, and realized, that I can’t squat! I can still bend my knees in the air or on bed though it hurts, but I can’t, simply can’t, squat down! I called my husband to feed the cats because I was unable to pick up the bowls. I felt like I was collapsing, not able to put any weight on my knees, although I was walking! It was scary.

What is this, old age? Different kind of arthritis? Or a bad version of flare up?  I rested the whole morning and I can now do light chores, though I don’t dare to squat, yet.

Maybe I need to contact my rheumy to ask what this is. But for now, rest is in order.



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