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Introducing My daughter, say, S.

My daughter, S, is now 11 years old. She is something…really hard to explain.

Outside she is a simple girl: loves gymnastics and baking. She used to love reading a lot, but now sort of replaced by playing with her iPhone games and watching YouTube videos.

But she does not fit a mold. First, she’s really tiny -about 5th percentile her age. Yet she skipped a grade, so her peers are even taller and bigger. It’s hopeless to imagine that she will be taller that someone in her class.

That is beneficial for gymnastics, however. And she is blessed with super flexible hip joints. And she DOES have a strong will, which I think is the most important quality for success in gymnastics. As a result, she hardly misses any practice and thus improving consistently. Not a gymnast genius, but I believe she is a decent one.

My girl's floor routine

And her passion for baking is getting bigger every year. So does my belly and blood sugar by eating her creations. Now she can use oven and stove without adult supervision, her cooking and baking is limited only by her gymnastics schedule, 15 hours a week, a lot, but a bit less than most gymnasts at her level.

She is smart, passionate, and STUBBORN. She hates wearing cute clothes or any “suggestive” ones. I have no worry for her breaking dress code. Yet this makes me worry that she stands out even further from her peers. I would like her to have friends and enjoy true friendship.

Well, I will write more and more about her, because she occupies a big portion of my life. After all, I’m a mama. So I stop here for now.



My First Post – shouts in a well

Well, this is my very first blog post.  Let me introduce a bit.  I’m a Japanese mom in late 40’s.  I have a husband, a son, and a daughter.  My curiosity is endless – thus the blog title, “Boisterousmama”.   Or just totally unfocused.  Anyway.  I’ll post whatever I’m up to.

My dominant interests are, as a mom, of course, parenting.  But in my case it’s twisted.  First, my son is severely autistic and lives in a group home.  Second, my daughter is gifted and does gymnastics.  So my parenting interest expands to special education, gifted education, gymnastics, autism/disability advocacy, etc.  Of course I still deal with a “regular” stuff like puberty and teenage (my daughter is a tween) issues, too.

Being a mom is a huge deal and occupies a huge proportion of myself.  But I’m other things, too.  For my wage earning, I am a molecular biologist.  My hobby is mostly crafts like sewing and knitting, but I’m also a novice learner of blogging and programming (oh, sooooo novice).  Then I have a bunch of diseases — lupus, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis for a starter.

So I can post on any of it.  If you are interested in what I post, read and comment, if you don’t, just ignore it.  But I know this first blog is like barbar’s scream in the well “king’s ear is donkey’s ear”…..


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