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Green beans with garlic and anchovy

This is another quick and healthy meal. This is obviously not vegan/vegetarian. I found the original recipe on Cookpad but I couldn’t locate the English version. Original uses garlic powder and anchovy fillets. But I’ve never been able to finish a can of anchovy, so I opted for a tube of anchovy paste.  On the other hand, I usually have garlic in my fridge all the time, so I used sliced fresh garlic.

1. Steam green beans in microwave. I usually use nesting bowl and colander then covered with plastic wrap. I poke a slit with a knife.

2. Heat a large skillet, add olive oil. Stir fry garlic (I use sliced) until brown.

3. Add anchovy paste. I add only 2 tsp or so for a pound of green beans. But it will depend of brand and taste preference.

4. Stir until all the beans are coated with anchovy. And voila! Quick meal! Three of us can eat them up in one sitting!



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