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Senior moment and staying married

I asked S to cut your nails and she told me “5 minutes.” So I started a timer. Then just about 4 minutes passed, I forgot what I asked! It’s one of my “senior moments” that has been occurring more and more frequently.  When I struggled, my husband chipped in, “you asked her to cut nails.” YES! So S cut her nails.

Then he mentioned that married couple keep long term memory better than single person because they can share the memory and fill in each other.  I don’t know the source, but he read it on somewhere on the Internet.

I thought it was just like a hard drive. Hard drive is not a perfect memory storage device, although one of the best. First, it crushes. Besides, it slowly decays and makes “bad sectors” and if that happens, the file could be corrupted.  The best strategy is to once in a while, copy to another hard drive going back and forth.  That way, when writing, we can avoid the bad sectors so keeping memory intact.

Probably my brain is full of “bad sectors”.  I hope blogging will help pull out memories written in those dying sectors.  Otherwise they’ll be forever lost unless I have spoken to my husband!



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