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I knew it!

My daughter S is 11 years old and just started middle school.  I noticed that many of her shorts are tight.  This is not surprising, as she grew more than 4 inches in one year.  When I looked at the label, most said, “M 7-8” or even “S 6-7”.  Well that MUST be tight! I asked her why she’s wearing such a tight short because I bought a lot of pants during back to school sale, and even made one.  She told me, “It’s hot.”  That is true, the high in my town is around 90 degree F for most of the days and it’s been really humid.

So, I decided to make her a few pairs of shorts real quick. The one I aimed was: not-so obvious elastic waist (after all, she’s a middle schooler); mock-fly (inserting zipper would be time consuming); slash pockets but no back pockets (she said she wouldn’t use back pockets); between shorts and bermuda length (school dress code is tight).

With those in mind, I headed to a local store of a big chain known for its coupon commotions and constant 40-50% off sale.  I flipped through pattern catalog and picked one with a fly and contoured waistband, found a nice stretch denim, then picked up elastics and thread.  Then looked at the coupons I had in my backpack: it wouldn’t be effective until Sunday!

I decided that her shorts were more important than some coupon discount, so just one 30% off one item coupon on my phone, I headed to the register.  Wow. It WAS expensive!  I NEVER paid over $10 for a pattern! Coupons and sale are so important at that store.

Anyway, I went home, serged the edges of the denim and threw in a washer to pre-shrink.  Meanwhile, I traced a pattern quickly and did a pin-fitting.  It had a good room for growth. Well, I could sew at least one by the end of the next day.

OF COURSE the next day was COLD. The expected high was 70 degree F. S wore a pair of jeans I sewed for her.  Why aren’t you wearing shorts? “It’s cool today, mom.”

Sigh.  And 7-day forecast suggests it will remain that way.  Now I have plenty of time to sew up those shorts. I would insert a zipper and welt pockets, probably.  But lesson learned: Never shop without coupons!



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