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my first T-shirt – continued

Now I figured that size XL of Angela Wolf’s pattern was too big, I switched to size L and sew another fitting muslin.

Here’s the overall view:

Tummy area is a lot better. Ruching makes crosswise wrinkles to hide my protruding belly to a certain extent. Also improved is the sleeve fit. Learned from the first muslin, 3/4 sleeve pattern should not be used even if that fit my length. Instead, I draw a parallel line from long sleeve’ send point to 3/4 end point then draw a straight line to the armpit point.

Yet it’s not really a problem free.

As you can see, my shoulder is definitely bigger for this shirt. I didn’t realize until now that my upper arm, especially near shoulder is really big. It’s mostly fat, but probably there once were muscles below. I used to lap swim and my specialty was butterfly stroke!

So the next one – I plan to use one of three fashion fabrics I already bought – I will increase my bodice’s shoulder a little bit, just 1/4″ for both front and back. I glued a small piece of paper and increase the shoulder seam by 1/4″ then turned the line to arm hole about 4″ below.

I hope the. Next one will be a real good one!



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