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Mindfulness and Caregiver stress – no surprise

Disability scoop reported that a study showed mindfulness training to caregivers of individuals with developmental disability could reduce stress.

NO SURPRISE.  I’ve been trying to achieve mindfulness for the last year.  My psychologist recommends mindfulness to deal with my overwhelming personal situation. Since then, I’ve read several books and downloaded mp3’s of guided meditation.  Is it good? ABSOLUTELY!  At least during meditation, I feel much calmer.  Did it help? Not really, because my personal situation then (which led to placement of my son to a group home) was well beyond control.  But I think, just think, if I did it early on, I might have become a calmer person who could deal with such overwhelming situations.

Did I achieve mindfulness? I don’t think so. My ADHD-like personally prevents me from consistently doing anything.  All I do now consistently is listening to “Loving kindness meditation (Metta)” in Japanese when I go to sleep.

Maybe I can find a mindfulness teacher to host a parent workshop!  Then probably I will work harder, or stop working harder, as mindfulness teaches.



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