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Korean style teriyaki tofu

I recently learned that English version of Cookpad is available. I highly recommend this site!

I love tofu in teriyaki sauce plus ginger and garlic. I used marinate squeezed tofu for a whole day then baked, but it will take two days and too cumbersome. This version is so quick and taste is just as good.

The original recipe is here. Since the tofu I use is 19 oz. package, I doubled the amount of sauce, and instead of garlic, I used 1 tbsp garlic/ginger paste (available at Asian/Indian grocery store). Also, it’s so hard to get white long leek like onion (called ‘negi’), in the USA, so I used one green onion instead.

First I cut the tofu lengthwise, then sliced to about 3/8″ thick and spread on tea towel to remove excess water.

Tofu on tea towel to remove water


Then I mixed the modified sauce.

It’s important to grill the tofu well to brown.  Otherwise, the tofu will become watery later.

After tofu was browned, I added the sauce and flipped to make sure both sides were coated. Turned up the heat to evaporate all fluid and it’s done. Just about in 10 minutes!

This time, side was steamed (no, microwaved) green beans with a little bit of bonito flakes (note: vegetarian can omit this). Since the tofu has a strong flavor, I didn’t need soy sauce or anything on the bean. 

This is really healthy near-vegan menu. It does very well in packed bento lunch.  The only problem is I have to cook in two batches to have enough tofu for three people for both dinner and lunch.





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