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International eBook madness

As a Japanese, and a book lover, I frequently use When I’m in no hurry, I send the books to my brother’s place in Japan and when he ships my son’s favorite crackers, he includes the books. In a hurry, I pay so much extra (minimum $30) to ship them to the United States. So, Kindle should be my savior, right? I can order anywhere in the world and read immediately. Well, at least to buy Japanese Kindle books, I have to prove my residency in Japan by using a credit card issued in Japan.

WTH. I can buy the print version of the exact same book written by the same author.Books are about content, not format. They of course cites a kind of “copyright issues” not to sell, but I thought copyright belongs to content, not format. What makes me madder is still sends me promotion for Kindle readers! Hey, even if I buy it, I cannot buy contents! You must know that! You didn’t sell me “From Eroica with love 30th volume”! And I already have Kindle sold in the U.S., though I mostly read through my iPhone Kindle App.

I imagine reading Japanese books and manga in Kindle….for example, I recently finished “Death Note” (well, it’s kind of old but that’s not relevant here). In English. As I read, I wonder how they were worded originally. A lot can be lost in translation! But I won’t pay hundreds of dollars to buy Japanese version of Death note. But, to be honest, if I could buy a kindle version, probably I couldn’t have held my instinct and ended up buying them. So you lost my business,!


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