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I (finally) watched “Lord of the Rings!”

Sounds stupid.  Everyone else has seen this classic trilogy.  I’m always behind watching movies, but I’m trying to catch up.  Well, more than 10 years behind.

Why now?  The reason is my daughter, S.  She is a big fan of Jon Cozart, a.k.a., Paint, who became a YouTube sensation by his Disney Princess parody. This is really fun!  But S didn’t stop there.  She downloaded (cached, to be more precise?) all of his YouTube video on her iPhone and watched over and over and over.  She connects it to my car so everytime we drive out (we do a lot, visiting K, and going back and forth from gymnastics practices), I ended up listening to his songs, which is actually great.

His songs assumes that the listener knows the story.  That’s why Disney parody is so fun.  One of his songs is “Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds“.  I listened enough to memorize it, but I’ve never read nor watched a movie.  I suggested S to read the book but she said no, so we decided to borrow.  After some wait at the local library, we finally got all three DVD and have snack ready and watched!

Wow. So long. I couldn’t finish so the third one was to be watched later. Anyway, I finished the movie and watched the 99 seconds parody and it all made sense. Yay!

My thoughts on the movie? It is absolutely unfair to say, but “It’s much like Harry Potter and Final Fantasy!”

Final Fantasy, my most favorite video game is really like that.  Someone chosen is set out for a mission, partied with a wizard, monk, pirates, and so on.  Then encountered enemy along the way and every once in a while they have to win a “boss battle” to get to another stage of the adventure.  Eventually, the party meets the “last boss”, after lot of struggle, they win and peace will come.  There are many tricks and tweaks plus superb music and graphics and battle system in the FF series, but the basic story line is always the same.

I’m sure the creators of the game read Lord of the Rings.  After all, Lord of the Rings was written long before the first FF was released.

Therefore, I’m no different from someone on the meme circulating on Facebook, with looking at Hokusai’s great wave, “Someone draw a picture of this EMOJI? That’s wonderful.”  I have absolutely no right to laugh at them.

I will compensate my deficit by promising to read the original.




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