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lapped seam

I was making an Anna costume from Frozen for my friend’s daughter. The pattern has two inset corners and instruction says to reinforce the corner of the inside cut (e.g., skirt center front) reinforced and clip almost to the point, then sew to the point and pivot. Well, I tried but it really didn’t work.  I couldn’t get the sharp point that makes the dress princess-y.

For another corner, on yoke front pointing to the front bodice center, I tried a different method I found online. It worked pretty well, I think.

1) stitch the seam line of the front yoke point.

2) turn at the seam line of the point and press (well the steam holes was a bit dirty in my case…another reminder to use a press cloth).

3) apply basting tape along the seam allowance of the bodice center front.  I used Wonder Tape here. But the video used Steam-A-Seam 2 . For some reason, I can no longer find locally and I ran out of mine a couple projects ago. But Wonder Tape worked.

4) peel the covering tape and apply the yoke, machine seamed line. Then edge-stitched.

Now I got a nice-looking pointed seam!



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