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Agh, that seam ripper!

Saturday is almost always reserved for visit to K’s group home. Yesterday was no exception. On the way, I had an additional stuff to do – to buy his clothes as he is growing and to buy a tape measure as I needed to measure him to hem pants and possibly sewing his PJ and jeans, and of course I forgot to take it from home.

I stopped by a JoAnn about in the middle between my house and K’s house. There were many tape measures of various price. I didn’t need a fancy one. I have it at home. I looked at the notion wall very hard to get the best deal. Then I found the one – the tape and seam ripper set. I didn’t understand why they are sold in pair, but that was a good deal. The day before, I watched a Craftsy class and instructor mentioned that seam ripper should be replaced frequently. So I bought this set along with other small items. The measuring tape worked just did the job. K wiggled a lot, but I got the idea. And inseam, the most important Measurement was done.

After 9 pm, I started my sewing session. Now I’m making a wallet. This is a bit tricky and I made mistake and I used the ripper. Of course you know by now. that was the worst seam ripper ever! I seriously doubt if the ripper has a knife edge within. I already throw away the one I used to use. And when I don’t want to use it most, of course I have to use A LOT. I ripped the seam at least 6 times, including the one the flap to close the wallet in opposite direction so when finished, the flap would be sewn in the wallet and inaccessible!

I decided that it’s not the day for sewing and call it quit. And I remembered why I wanted to blog in the first place. I don’t have many friends to rant things like this on Facebook. Majority of my Facebook friends are somehow connected to my kids. It seems like sewing is not cool. Or lupus. Or cooking. If I get to know folks who share some of my interests, I might be understood! Even if I don’t find anyone, at least I let it out of my brain. That makes myself a bit lighter.

Anyway, the lesson learned: don’t buy the cheapest seam ripper. Especially when that’s paired with measuring tape!



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