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OMM – pain relief here, adds pain there

I love acupuncture.  So I see a wonderful osteopathic physician who does medical acupuncture regularly.

But yesterday, I complained of pain on joints on my right side – wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip (this is scary!), and knee.  Only on right side.  And I thought my newly developed habit of exercise (30 min walk everyday, 40 min strength training twice a week) was to blame.  He told me it might be, but I must continue exercising as he can fix the alignment of my right side.

So he did lots of osteopathic manipulation.  It worked!  Elbow had some residual pain, which is no surprise, as my right elbows aches at all time, but all other joints were pain-free.  Then I had a really relaxing acupuncture.  I loved it.

But when I got home, I started to notice the tension on my back.  It started from my left lower back but now both sides of lower back ache.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad, so I could still do my walking workout.  And I know from my long 30 year career of back pain, walking is good for back pain.

But I still remain wondering…does osteopathic manipulation in one area cause pain in the other?  I don’t doubt the doctor’s skill.  He’s considered one of the best DO in town.

I hope I can go through today’s work, close back stress sitting at microtome.



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