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Annoying animation of Excel 2013 – how to disable

When I did clean installation of Windows 7, I upgraded my Office to Office 2013.  My husband had Office 365 subscription anyway and I could install at anytime.

First think you’ll notice is it VERY ANNOYING animation. Frame to indicate selected cell(s) moves like an angry bird – pulled in then fly off to the spot.  Since I usually use keyboard for most of Excel operation (well I’m old fashioned anyway) and I type reasonably fast (about 60 words per minute), I ended up ahead of animation.  This drove me mad.

I was not alone. Avid Excel users are all annoyed by this new feature, so when I googled “how to stop animation in Excel 2013”, tons of articled showed up.  However, I realized, most of them don’t work. I think Microsoft really want people become a slave of this feature.

For example, this site and many others explain how to change a registry value to disable animations. Basically, you open “regedit” and find a key for this feature (“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Graphics”) My regedit showed that that Graphics key didn’t even exist.  The writer knew that, so he/she suggested to CREATE that Graphics key, and creat a new DWORD “DisableAnimations” and set the value to 1. Restart.

This DIDN’T work.  Another suggestion from another website was to go to Excel’s Options->Advanced->Display->uncheck “disable hardware animation accelaration”.  This didn’t work, either.

The only thing that work from the same website.  Go to “Ease of Access Center” (Win+U). Under Explore all settings, click “User the computer without a display” (so this is accessible feature for the visually impared). Under Adjust time limits and flashing visuals, click Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible).  Then click OK.

Phew! it WORKED. Of course using Ease of Access Center means this change is across the board – whenever possible, all animation for all softwares will be stopped (this doesn’t mean we can’t see movie or animate powerpoint.)

Now I can use Excel at normal speed without having tantrum.  Thank goodness.



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