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My lab coat!

I posted about my first welt pockets. Now it was time to assemble other parts to make a lab coat. It was relatively simple but I think it’s a good practice before trying tailored jacket as it has a notched collar.


Shoulder seams were sewn and neckline was stay-stitched to prevent stretch.

Collar was sewn, turned right side out, and attached to the neck line. Back of the collar was slip stitched by hand.

Notched collar attached. Hand stitched at back.


It had sew in sleeve that has very high sleeve cap. I had two gathering stitch and managed to sew on, although instruction doesn’t mention about gathering stitch. I think lab coat in general should have lower sleeve cap as we move arms a lot. It may look more dignified with high sleeve cap, but raising arms is hard and now I understood.

High sleeve cap with gathering stitches


Hems were sewn, buttonholes were made, and I attached a star-shaped gold buttons. I think I impulse purchase about 10 years ago and now it’s time to use. There is no regulation about lab coat buttons!

Tada-! Flower print, star buttoned lab coat that has exactly the right sleeve length! Yay!




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