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Seriously? Ironing board that melts.

I’m bummed. The sleeve board I use melted when I blew steam off my iron at cotton/linen setting. 

I know the temperature was high.  But that’s what the ironing board for, isn’t it?

This is the one from a very popular notion brand bought at a big craft/fabric chain store. Good thing I bought when it was on 50% off sale. Probably I can get refund or replacement if I bring it, but I figured that it’s not worth my time finding the receipt of that specific purchase from my receipt storage (aka. Trash can in my office).

If you want a good long use out of sleeve board, this is not the one. I ordered from Amazon that Angela Wolf was using on her Craftsy class. Though it was 6x more expensive, I won’t make mistake again.  I also order an iron shoe because the melted fabric was sort of glued on my iron. Most of them was removed by rubbing on muslin, but just in case. It’s good to watch what pro uses.



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