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Flare got me, sis!

I’m under another lupus flare attack. I was really tired yesterday and I thought it was all because of the busy week. It was a beginning of flare.

It almost always begins in my case a stressful event or minor infection. This time I think is the latter. My daughter, who is really heathy child was sneezing and sniffling a few days ago. We thought it might be just an allergy. But I had a mild sore throat at the same time. Next day, it seemed to clear up. On Facebook I see a lot of posts about “back-to-school illness”. Well, two days of sniffling was an easy one, after all.” Again, I forgot what that would do to me. It seems like I can keep infection away really well by my super strong (innate) immune system, yet that will fire up my entire immune system, especially autoimmune one, to overdrive. I usually see the symptoms of flare after two days after infection symptoms disappeared. 

Now I’m fatigued to the bone, my entire body hurts, especially elbows, hand, and mid back. My extremities are swollen. I thank iPad and this BlogPad Pro App. I can’t move fingers independently. So I move each hand with either index finger or middle finger to touch. I can’t sit straight. so I lie down on bed. I will remain this way for a day or two. Then I usually go back to normal.

I’m glad I have an understanding family. It wasn’t like this until I got the definitive diagnosis of lupus. And I’m aware that many my fellow “lupies” suffer by suspicion placed by the loved one that “she is faking it”. I was able to ask my husband to drive my daughter to gymnastics practice. Although asking everything i do is still hard – after all he is tired as well as a week worth of hard work!

Between typing, I raise my hands up high to reduce some of the swelling. My pillow is not high enough to keep my legs up. I’ve got to sew something. But after my body is mended.

I wonder if there is anything I could do to keep my immune system low at the stage of infection. I already take Plaquenil, Methotrexate and very low dose prednisone. Upping the prednisone in advance must help though it has a risk of prolonging the infection. Rheumatologist usually don’t allow such “preventative use” of prednisone and that makes sense. I just wonder…in time like this…there are so many supplements that claim to reduce inflammation. I take fish oil, turmeric, and eat lot of ginger. None of them is helping me.  I just, just wonder, if any anti inflammatory can prevent…since I can tell it’s coming.  It’s as though I can see the air strikes coming but no where to hide or run.

Of course the most frustrating is I can’t go see K. I wanted to bring his Kakinotane (his favorite spicy crackers) my brother shipped me from Japan. A positive is that my husband put the visit on his calendar next Saturday, so I’m guaranteed the visit a week from now.

Stay positive. Lupies.




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